Monday, February 15, 2010

Time with Mama

I am spending a lot of face to face time with my mama. Fuzzy has also gotten used to me and doesn't freak out when I cry. Instead, I think he feels sorry for my parents. In the last picture, my multi-tasking mama is learning how to care for cloth diapers for me and Fuzzy has joined us for some family time.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mama! What an adorable photo of you and Anjali. I always look forward to reading your posts. Love, R

Radha Gopinath das said...

So sweet! Madhavi you are a gorgeous Goddess Mother! It is so sweet to see kitty starting to love the munchkin! So many fun times to come! All my love.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madhavi and Anjali, some gorgeous pictures, all you look very peaceful, I love that "family photo" with Fuzzy..I am still in "shock" how you did it all! Love Y