Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pediatrician Visit

Today, we went for another pediatrician visit to a different pediatrician as we weren't too pleased with the first one we went to last week. We really liked the doctor we saw today. Anjali weighs 7lbs and 14oz so she has surpassed her birth weight and this is a good thing. We also learned that anyone that comes in contact with her has to come in contact with me first so that if they are sick (even if they don't think they are), I can produce the antibodies that will transfer through the breast milk to Anjali and keep her safe. So if you are thinking of kissing her, you need to kiss me first. Seriously. The visit was very pleasant and informative and the doctor was very caring and knowledgeable, and she empowered, rather than confused, new parents.

The EC has been going really well. We have gone for days without a soiled diaper (wet ones, yes) until this morning when her mama did not follow her instinct and waited until she cried rather than when she fussed. Fussing when she wakes up or crying or fussing out of nowhere is a cue. She used to give a cry more, but I guess she stopped doing that because we were listening to her cues. Little did I know! We promise to pay more attention, Anjali! She is starting to hold her peeing also at times until she potties. We got through the whole doctor's visit today with the same dry diaper! Here is a picture of her being pottied:

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I'm first in line to kiss you!