Friday, February 12, 2010

Meredith's Home Visit

Yesterday, Meredith came for a postpartum mother-baby visit.Meredith is so awesome. She has such a wonderful calming and comfortable presence. She checked Anjali, weighed her, checked her for jaundice, found a "stork bite" on her right eye, and since Anjali hadn't yet pooped since her birthday, she told us to get a baby Fleet's glycerine suppository to help her get the meconium out (it worked like a charm in seconds). She showed us how to feed Anjali in a side-to-side position, and checked her latching and suck. Anjali lost a little birth weight and weighed 7 lbs so we have to up the feedings,  She checked me and and even made us the most amazing and tasty mushroom-barley soup. Anjali also wore her first outfit yesterday, a beautiful soft mint chocolate chip gown.


Radha Gopinath das said...

What a beautiful little princess you are, Anjali!

ettel said... are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Anjali is so adorable,absolutely precious and beautiful! Love her and can wait to meet her!
Love Y.