Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fuzzy Testing Out the Real Estate

Fuzzy always seems to find the BEST places to hang out. His favorite recliner got usurped when the family moved into Anjali's room today, so he took the one place that was unlikely to be taken by anyone else. It didn't take him long to discover how luxurious the bassinet in our room is either. We think he is just testing it out for Anjali. If he comes back, it's soft enough. He'll then tell her one day, when they are fast friends, so she will hang out in these places and they can play.


Anonymous said...

FUZZY!!! Looks like he's made himself at home. The picture of him in the crib is priceless. I wonder if he'll share -R

Anonymous said...

This is funny, I am not sure, Fuzzy will give it up easily..you may have to bribe him..

Nancy and Christopher said...

I recognize that bassinet! You are right... ours are the same, but mine is a lighter color wicker. Your bassinet would match our bedroom furniture much better though! Luckily, I don't think the baby will care much about matching wood colors. :)