Friday, February 26, 2010

Fuzzy, Songs and Lost Tiny Socks...

It seems that Fuzzy, our cat, continues to warm up to the idea that a new bundle of cuteness (cuter than him, but don't let him know I said that) has arrived for good. In the video below, however, Fuzzy is clearly vying for Madhavi's attention with the utmost care and focus. Anjali is in a familiar and favored position in the video...The position that has earned her the nickname "Munchee-Munchee." Of course I was using the video function on our digital camera which, now I know, makes a lot of zooming in and out noise (I have yet to find time to figure out how to properly convert video from out our new hi-tech HD video camera!).

Anjali and I spent the early hours of light on this snowy morning singing a few songs...Well, mostly me singing and Anjali listening. This afforded Madhavi with a few extra Z's. I like to sing Three Little Birds and Blackbird--some kind of bird theme.

Today was laundry day which falls just about every other day. It's safe to say that we need more socks for our daughter. Have you seen how tiny those things are? I don't know how many went into the wash, but only three came out. Thankfully Madhavi ordered more.

Today was also a bathing day. Of course our first attempt in the Primo eurobath we had bought was not the greatest. Clearly, though it says it's for zero to toddler age, this thing was not meant for a newborn. So, a few days ago Madhavi ordered a different kind--A Prince Lionheart Washpod. For the time being we figured we'd give Anjali a sponge bath...Thus far Anjali does not seem to find bathing soothing as some babies do. The sponge bath doesn't help either, since we just sponge bathed her on some towels on the bed and she is not submerged in water to keep her warm. Of course, what arrived later today but a Prince Lionheart Washpod. It'll be ready for next time. Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

I love it! So funny! You will learn later on how to stroke Fuzzy as well in the same they both will be very happy.I used to breast feed my "baby boy" while reading to and cuddling my 2 year old on the other side..
Love Y