Friday, February 12, 2010

For Anjali

Dear Anjali,

This is music I wrote and recorded for you while you were in your mama's belly.


I think you heard parts of it being created from the womb. Now here it is in its entirety. I think you like it because you sleep so peacefully with your mama and papa in our room when we put it on.



TPS-SheilaP said...

I love it, dude! You are the man! Let's make an album of music for our daughters together! I am so into that! Love you, Radha

TPS-SheilaP said...

seriously, you two are the coolest parents ever. you are setting the bar way high, though....LOL

JeremyD said...

Haha. Didn't even know how our blog worked. I replied by email, and not even sure if you received it. Yes Radha, let's make that album together. We'll be simultaneously babysitting and making music...Inspired by the babies!
Can't wait to see you guys after family/recoup time to share our experiences with you. We love you guys and look forward to our girls growing up together.

ettel dobson said...

CONGRATS!! she's beautiful and your birth stories made me cry. love to all of you. peace, ettel

Natalie Dyen said...

You two will never cease to amaze me. Beautiful birth, beautiful baby, beautiful parents. Welcome to the world, my sweet granddaughter Anjali.