Friday, February 19, 2010

Dr. Justin Ohm's Visit

Yesterday, Anjali had a home visit from the chiropractor that I (her mama) used during my pregnancy. Dr. Justin Ohm of Ohm Family Chiropractic is a well respected chiropractor who also specializes in babies and pregnant mamas (perinatal chiropractic). During the 3rd trimester, I had very painful mid-back spasms that would bring me to tears at nighttime. The chiropractic manuevers were extremely helpful as were the other tips that Dr. Ohm gave me such as sitting on the yoga ball instead of a chair. After the first visit, I never had to take even a Tylenol. Dr. Ohm did a visit for Anjali  to check for any torticollis and for good spinal alignment post-delivery. As she was a homebirth baby, she did not have any traction put on her head at birth, and she has strong neck muscles. He also showed Jeremy and I how to hold her to burp her (the first picture - a better position than putting her over our shoulders). We also had a long discussion with him regarding thoughtful homeopathic care for our little one. He is a father of two little girls, one born 10 days before Anjali, both also homebirthed.

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