Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bathtime Flip Book

This evening Anjali finally had a calming bath in her new Prince Lionheart Washpod. This bath is soooo much better than the other bath we had and even better than our sponge baths. She did not cry once.

Eventful Day

Today was filled with way more than the usual. There was a fire in our next door neighbor's house this afternoon. We had to open all of the windows and leave for a bit because there was smoke billowing into our house. We joined a lot of our neighbors outside and watched the fire department do their thing. Thankfully no one was injured and the fire was quickly contained. Anjali slept through the entire thing, but our friends and neighbors admired her of course. Our house still smells a bit like smoke, which is kind of yucky, but thankfully we have an air filter going on full blast. And we've offered any help we can to our neighbors.

Shortly after that, we made our way to the Motherland Midwifery potluck. Wow. So many babies! Super cute, but also more stimulation than we're used to as of late - perhaps more for mama and papa than Anjali. We brought our camera but forgot to take pictures. Anjali slept through most of the potluck, save for a good feeding. But there were so many nice people that we met, and it was great to know there is such a strong community of homebirth families. The food was yummy too. Too bad we had to leave early because papa had a gig at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Although Anjali seems to enjoy car rides, when we left the party and got into the car, she was not happy and started to cry. It breaks mama and papa's heart to hear her cry, especially the ones that sound a bit like a little lamb--a kind of quivering tone. We call it the "lammy" cry and we try to avoid it. You can see some pics of her crying below. We considered stopping to feed her, but when we pulled over, Anjali was already sleeping in all her cuteness....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wearing the Baby

We got our EasyCare wrap a few days ago from Piece of Cloth.  The company specializes in wraps that you learn to tie in different variations so that you can carry your baby from age newborn to toddler age. Baby wearing is very important for the development and bonding of the child.(Interruption..)

And we're back: Interruptions always seem to take place after I type in one or two sentences of a post.

Anyways, the Easycare wrap we purchased is made in Austria and Jeremy and I learned the Front Wrap Cross Carry that we were using yesterday and this morning. We love it! Anjali rests peacefully as long as you are moving around and the fabric weave is beautiful, soft, and grippy.  I love the sophisticated colors. We also ordered a Girasol in the colorway of blues and greens called Blue Lagoon. Girasol is a German company (baby wearing is very popular in Europe) but the wrap is woven in Guatemala. Unfortunately, the wintry weather patterns of the world have delayed the arrival of that wrap. I think Jeremy will end up wearing that one more, but we'll see. Wearing her allows us to get into the kitchen, do some stuff around the house, and rock her to sleep all at the same time. Veteran mamas even breastfeed in the wrap but that is a technique I am aspiring to. However, as soon as I hold still, to get on the computer for example, she wakes up and has needs that must be attended to.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tonight's Tummy Time

The stage for tummy time this evening was Papa's tummy.

Fuzzy, Songs and Lost Tiny Socks...

It seems that Fuzzy, our cat, continues to warm up to the idea that a new bundle of cuteness (cuter than him, but don't let him know I said that) has arrived for good. In the video below, however, Fuzzy is clearly vying for Madhavi's attention with the utmost care and focus. Anjali is in a familiar and favored position in the video...The position that has earned her the nickname "Munchee-Munchee." Of course I was using the video function on our digital camera which, now I know, makes a lot of zooming in and out noise (I have yet to find time to figure out how to properly convert video from out our new hi-tech HD video camera!).

Anjali and I spent the early hours of light on this snowy morning singing a few songs...Well, mostly me singing and Anjali listening. This afforded Madhavi with a few extra Z's. I like to sing Three Little Birds and Blackbird--some kind of bird theme.

Today was laundry day which falls just about every other day. It's safe to say that we need more socks for our daughter. Have you seen how tiny those things are? I don't know how many went into the wash, but only three came out. Thankfully Madhavi ordered more.

Today was also a bathing day. Of course our first attempt in the Primo eurobath we had bought was not the greatest. Clearly, though it says it's for zero to toddler age, this thing was not meant for a newborn. So, a few days ago Madhavi ordered a different kind--A Prince Lionheart Washpod. For the time being we figured we'd give Anjali a sponge bath...Thus far Anjali does not seem to find bathing soothing as some babies do. The sponge bath doesn't help either, since we just sponge bathed her on some towels on the bed and she is not submerged in water to keep her warm. Of course, what arrived later today but a Prince Lionheart Washpod. It'll be ready for next time. Stay tuned...

Rachel's Visit

Yesterday, our dear friend Rachel trekked through the snow to come visit. She brought mama a gorgeous necklace with the letter A.We got to talk for a bit in a very relaxed mode as Anjali went through her baby cycles of sleep, eat, EC, and the occasional playtime repeat. We ate burgers from North Third, and it was a good time! We used the swing that Aunt Julie had given us for the first time yesterday and it worked like a charm to keep Anjali asleep and let us have some free hands, even only for a few minutes.

There was yet another snowfall last night with some howling winds. We think the snow princess moves her hands around in her sleep and voila - snow! To help Philadelphians everywhere, we put some mitts on her so we may get some better weather soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pediatrician Visit

Today, we went for another pediatrician visit to a different pediatrician as we weren't too pleased with the first one we went to last week. We really liked the doctor we saw today. Anjali weighs 7lbs and 14oz so she has surpassed her birth weight and this is a good thing. We also learned that anyone that comes in contact with her has to come in contact with me first so that if they are sick (even if they don't think they are), I can produce the antibodies that will transfer through the breast milk to Anjali and keep her safe. So if you are thinking of kissing her, you need to kiss me first. Seriously. The visit was very pleasant and informative and the doctor was very caring and knowledgeable, and she empowered, rather than confused, new parents.

The EC has been going really well. We have gone for days without a soiled diaper (wet ones, yes) until this morning when her mama did not follow her instinct and waited until she cried rather than when she fussed. Fussing when she wakes up or crying or fussing out of nowhere is a cue. She used to give a cry more, but I guess she stopped doing that because we were listening to her cues. Little did I know! We promise to pay more attention, Anjali! She is starting to hold her peeing also at times until she potties. We got through the whole doctor's visit today with the same dry diaper! Here is a picture of her being pottied:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Anjali's Music Picks

Of course there is lots of music around this house. And while Anjali has not yet started banging on drums or tickling the ivories, she enjoys listening to music in her mama's and papa's arms. She especially enjoys it when they sing to her, as these are the voices she heard most during her journey in the womb for 40 weeks. This weeks top picks:

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

Early last week Grandma and Grandpa made a quick stop by the house to drop off some supplies--yummy home cooked meals and groceries among them (thank you!).  But today we were happy to have a visit from them. This was their first visit and first time meeting Anjali.  Of course Anjali was asleep for a while but that gave us all time to talk and enjoy simply gazing at her cuteness.  Eventually, Anjali awoke and got started creating that special bond that only grandparents and grandchildren know.  And although we couldn't think of parting with our sweet daughter any time soon, it's nice to know that they have offered open ended baby sitting for the future...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tummy Time

Anjali was able to lift her head and turn it from one side to the other. She lasted about 10 minutes before she started crying which is more than her mama thought she would last. Her sucking her fists is a sign that she is hungry. Once that starts, our world must go on hold.  And right now this occurs almost every hour. I particularly like the first photo composition. Anjali is sleeping on a wool blanket her Nani knit her and she is topped with an organic cotton fleece blanket I made. The faux bois rug is the one in her room.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pregnancy Photos

I am putting these up on the blog now before they have no relevance anymore. These are for Anjali to see later. These were taken January 13 (bottom) and January 24 (top) before the inevitable fluid retention fully kicked in. This was the only outfit that fit me at this point that was warm enough to wear in the brutal NE winter.

EC Update

The EC is going very, very well. Approximately, every 2-3 hours, often when Anjali stirs, we will take her to pee/poop in her little Baby Bjorn potty and she does. She has not pooped in her diaper for over 2 days. She has wet her diaper, although she has had a bunch of dry ones, but she will not poop in her diaper if we give her the opportunity to use her potty. She must hold it and wait until we take her to go. WOW! This is unbelievable to us, and we are very excited that she can communicate this need to us and that we respond. We will say however that once you start down this path, it is very difficult to ignore the fact that you know she needs to go. When she tells us at night, for example, we cannot just ignore it and get more sleep. Since her mama is up at night for the frequent feedings, her papa is usually the one up to take her to go. That way we can try to share the responsibilities and it isn't too much for one person.. We are still working on learning the peeing cues, but I suspect that this will be easier when she doesn't pee as much.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hand in Hand

My hand in my mama's hand

Sleeping in her Papa's Lap

Dr. Justin Ohm's Visit

Yesterday, Anjali had a home visit from the chiropractor that I (her mama) used during my pregnancy. Dr. Justin Ohm of Ohm Family Chiropractic is a well respected chiropractor who also specializes in babies and pregnant mamas (perinatal chiropractic). During the 3rd trimester, I had very painful mid-back spasms that would bring me to tears at nighttime. The chiropractic manuevers were extremely helpful as were the other tips that Dr. Ohm gave me such as sitting on the yoga ball instead of a chair. After the first visit, I never had to take even a Tylenol. Dr. Ohm did a visit for Anjali  to check for any torticollis and for good spinal alignment post-delivery. As she was a homebirth baby, she did not have any traction put on her head at birth, and she has strong neck muscles. He also showed Jeremy and I how to hold her to burp her (the first picture - a better position than putting her over our shoulders). We also had a long discussion with him regarding thoughtful homeopathic care for our little one. He is a father of two little girls, one born 10 days before Anjali, both also homebirthed.

Best Buddies

They are getting closer.....I'm still amazed how much bigger Fuzzy is compared to Anjali. It's just a matter of time..

Anjali's First Car Ride

Anjali had to go to the Pediatrician's office this morning for a well baby visit. There being a ton of ice on our street still, her mama was not thrilled about going and had to sit on a Boppy pillow on the back seat to make it tolerable. It was also Madhavi's first time down the stairs. Anajli was so good. She did not cry at all on the car ride there and back. She was all snuggled up in her JJ Cole Bundle Me and is wearing a hat her Nani (her maternal grandmother) bought for her at Loop. She has matching booties on too. The pediatrician noted that she weighs 7lbs, 7 oz and she checked out very well. We are going to try to have Anjali sleep in her bassinet today instead of with us to see how she does on her own and to let her hypervigilant mama get some sleep. The bassinet is next to her mama so she is very close. So far, it's been an hour and we have heard no complaints.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anjali's First Time on the Potty

This morning Anjali used the potty for the first time. Of course most of the time she is wearing her cloth diapers which her Mama and Papa diligently change so as not to have a baby wearing her own pee and poop for very long. And while we are not in the full swing of Elimination Communication (EC), we have been trying here and there to learn Anjali's patterns and cues and to get her to go into a receptacle.

Now, any uninformed reader is certainly saying, "are these people crazy? Potty training their newborn?" Well, let's not confuse potty training with EC. Our goal is to strengthen our bond with Anjali by learning, watching and listening to her cues, as well as giving our own cues, to encourage her need to eliminate. In that process she will strengthen her innate control and her ability to communicate with us, eventually moving toward being diaper-less. This involves things like observing how long after feeding she pees (keep in mind infants can pee something like every 15 minutes or so) and bringing her to a potty to eliminate...Or, regularly "peeing" her right after waking up, typically a need-to-go time. We may cue her with with a "Sssss" sound or run water. The other side of this is learning the expressions, sounds or movements she makes when she has to go, reading those cues and acting on them by either pottying her or at least changing her right after she goes if we miss. Basically, why would we want to let our baby sit in her own pee and poop day after day (who would want that?!) for, say, two years, and then tell her to unlearn all of that to "potty train her?

So, this morning after a half hour of holding her, singing and listening to music, she crashed out. And maybe 15 minutes later she was fidgeting a bit, so I thought I'd try our new "hat" potty (see picture). This is a tiny potty for little butts. I held her above it and made the "ssss" sound, and sure enough she went. While this may not seem like the biggest break through in the world--one time our daughter peed and pooped in a plastic hat--this was clear confirmation that we are not insane for trying this! Plus, it worked again this evening!

Stay tuned for updates in the EC saga...