Monday, January 11, 2010

Anticipating the Arrival of BunBun

Dear BunBun,

Your mama and papa love you so much and are looking forward to meeting you soon. We hope that you will like the room that we made for you, that Fuzzy will comfort you, and that you are warm and happy. Mama and Papa and their precious friends and family have given you things that we all hope you will use and make you happy. You have new blankets and sweaters from your grandmothers, a cool swing, a soft bed, and a quiet place to rest. Both your mama and papa plan on being with you all the time for the first few weeks and mama will stay with you always for 3 months. After that, either your mama or your papa or both will take care of you and watch you grow. Fuzzy is our cat and he knows that you are coming. Right now, he likes your room and hangs out there alot. He is not allowed in your bed, but he can play with you. You might enjoy petting him. Mama and Papa promise to take lots of pictures of you so that you will always know what you were like when you were very small. We look forward to knowing you, finding out if you are a boy or a girl, and naming you although you will always be our little BunBun.